Brewbound: As US Temperatures Rise, Hard Seltzer Sales Heat Up

"...“This product is different than the competitors – not natural flavors or all natural ingredients, it is actually made with real fruit,” said Michael Kurson, the co-founder of Briggs Hard Seltzer...." Briggs Hard Seltzer Launches Rebranded Product Line

"...crisp and juicy flavor with a vibrant natural color..."

Boston Magazine: Three Locally Made Drinks to Fill Your Cooler This Summer

"...The revamped cranberry, pineapple, and grapefruit hard seltzers are still flavored with natural fruit juices (and boast the color to show for it)..."

WCBV: Made in Mass

"best friends running burgeoning beverage business"

Shelby Report: Women Of Influence 2018

"...the day I successfully made my first sale of Briggs Hard Seltzer to a liquor store changed my perspective on sales..."

Chilled Magazine: Briggs Original Boston Cranberry

"...What's up, Briggs..."

Boston Voyager: Meet Michael Kurson

"...our true bread and butter is the use of 100% real fruit..."

The Contribune: Brewing Perfection

"...The more I experimented and learned about the intricacies of brewing, the less satisfied I was with my finished products..."

Boston Chefs: Bringing Home The Briggs

"...a top priority for the guys was sourcing cranberries locally..."

Babson Blogs: Bostons Best Spiked Seltzer

"...What makes them different is their focus on using real high quality ingredients that the local market can latch on to..." 10 Things to do in Boston This Weekend

"...This Saturday, it’s Briggs Fest, with rappers like Sam Adams, Waka Flocka Flame, and B.O.B...."

Vanyaland: Photo Gallery Briggs fest 2017

"...The sun was shining, the Briggs was flowing, and the energy was contagious..."

Vanyaland: Listen to the artists playing Briggs Fest

"...If you’re seeking perhaps the hottest event of the summer, look no further than Briggs Fest..."

Boston metro: Sammy Adams pumps us up for Briggs Fest

"...Lawn on D is going to be lit on Saturday..."

Improper Bostonian: Should I Stay or Should I go?

"...[Briggs Fest] brings some heavy hitters in the rap game to the Lawn on D..."

Boston Magazine: Wish List: Beach Snacks

"...exceedingly crushable on a hot day..."

Universe: Redefining Tradition in Craft Beverages

"...We’re taking the spiked seltzer concept to the next level..."

Northshore Magazine: Briggs Fest

"...Briggs Fest will be the first musical event of its kind at the increasingly popular summer spot..."

Verge Campus: Briggs Original announces Briggs Fest

"...The inaugural festival will be held on July 29 at the iconic Boston venue Lawn on D..."

Boston Magazine: The Boozy Seltzer Your Life Needs

"...boozy, lightly sweet sparkling water with Massachusetts cranberries—is poised to be next summer’s local answer to light, refreshing not-quite-beers like Spiked Seltzer and its competitors..."

The Boston Globe: Meet Neil Quigley, Beer Prodigy

"...I wasn’t just having a kegger with my buddies...."